You Focus On Running A Successful Business

Let us worry about the rest!

Doing what you do best is why you started your business and ultimately your website. So why don’t you focus on what your good at and we can keep your website safe, secure and up-to-date for you!

Our “Pay-As-You-Need” website maintenance service allows you the ability to do just that. No more paying for un-used maintenance hours to a developer monthly. Now YOU choose how much time you want us to spend on your website. Saving you time, money and ultimately increasing the longevity of your website.

The process is simple. You start by deciding how much time a month or a year you would like for us to update your website and make adjustments for you. Once your time is purchased it is good for a whole year before it expires. Then when you need us you simply open a support ticket, submit the request and within 1-2 business days we will get the edit taken care of. Then you will be sent a summary of the work performed, along with the total time it took to complete the request. Finally a summary of your remaining maintenance hours will be sent to you so you know how much time you have left for future edits. That’s it! No headache, no random emails to developers, no back and forth, no hassle! If at any point you run out of hours, you can just add  more whenever you need to.

So what are you waiting on? Get the edits you’ve been wanting done today!